Aaron Mayer

Aaron Mayer

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Supplies Furnished

  • Cost of found wood & 2 pieces of cottonwood bark is $30. Other basic supplies needed will be supplied by Instructors. Note: Cost of found wood is not included in the price of the Seminar.

Supplies Needed

  • Basic carving tools, e.g., knives, small gouges, chisels & v-tools.

Whimsical Treehouse in the Round (Cottonwood Bark)

Welcome back Aaron & Andy Mayer, from Colorado Springs, Co. In this 2-day Seminar (on Monday & Tuesday), both Instructors, Aaron & Andy will work together to teach students how to carve a whimsical treehouse, in the round, from cottonwood bark. They will teach you how to carve the treehouse out of two pieces of cottonwood bark, including techniques to meld it to one piece of found wood that represents the tree trunk. Note; Wood burning and power carving are not used in this Seminar. Questions regarding this project can be directed to Aaron & Andy by e-mail at: or you may call them at (719) 373-2673.

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Register for this Seminar

Seminar Skill Day(s) Cost Register
Whimsical Treehouse (in the round) I,A A, B $100

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All seminar payments are made to the instructor at the event.