Frequently Ask Questions

1. How do I register for a seminar at TWG?

There are 3 steps required to register for a seminare at TWG
One.    Pay the registration fee and pay TWG dues.
Two.    Pick the seminars you want to take.
Three. Fill in the registration form with your name, your email address
            and seminar number(s). Be sure to look for your seminar             confirmation in your email (some times it ends up in your junk or             spam folder).
2. Can I pay my fee's with a credit card?

You can pay your TWG fee's with any major credit card except American Express.   Credit Card Logo's

3. Who do I pay for my seminar?

All instruction fee's are paid to the instructor. All instructors will take cash, check and many will take credit cards.

4. Can I pay fees without going through registration process?

Yes, to pay fees anytime of the year, just click on the "pay fees" page from the drop down menu on the website.

5. How do I pay multiple fee all at one login?

To pay multiple fees, select the first fee you want to pay then click "add-to-cart", your cart will open to show what you owe, then click "Continue Shopping" on eProcessing cart and screen will go back to the "Pay Fees" page and click on next fee, click "add-to-cart" and continue until you have sleected all the fees you want to pay.  Click "check out" on your cart when you are done selecting fees.

Did you know...

...classes at TWG are called seminars. All the seminars make up seminar week.

...if you click on the "red" instructor's name in the seminar schedule page, it will take you to a description of that seminar.

...Thursday evening of seminar week there is a banquet where you can enjoy a great meal and fellowship with other carvers. You also pay for this through the TWG website. must be a member of TWG to take a seminar. You can pay your membership dues with your credit card through the TWG website.

...another benefit of becoming a member is you have access to the members area where you can get beginning carving instruction, carving patterns, members directory and many other interesting things about The Texas Woodcarvers Guild.