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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know...

...Classes at TWG are called Seminars. All the Seminars make up Spring Round-up week.

...If you click on the red "VIEW" button on instructor's name in the Seminar page, it will take you to a description of that instructor's Seminar.

...Thursday evening of the Spring Round-up, there is a banquet where you can enjoy a great barbecue meal and fellowship with other woodcarvers. You also pay for this through the TWG Website.

...You must be a member of TWG (dues paid up-to-date) AND you must have paid the Event Registration Fee in order to register for a Seminar.  You can pay your Membership Dues & Event Registration fee with your credit card through the TWG website.

...Another benefit of becoming a member is, you have access to the members area where you can get beginning carving instruction, carving patterns, members directory and many other interesting things about The Texas Woodcarvers Guild.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To pay multiple fees: 1) Go to the TWG Website at: website;   2) Go to top left side of screen to "Membership & Fees" pull-down tab; 3) Open tab and pull down to "Pay Fees";   4) The right-hand side will tell you if Membership Dues are paid & whether your Event Registration Fee has been paid;   5) If they have not, go to left side of page & select your quantity , e.g. "1" Membership Dues or "1" Event Registration Fee;   6) Do that for each item you wish to purchase, e.g. Banquet Tickets, Show Tables, Club Show Tables, etc.;   7) When completed with all purchases, check the appropriate box for paying through "PayPal" or by Check.  PayPal is the preferred method as it allows you to immediately be able to sign up for Seminars; whereas if you mail a check to TWG, you must wait until TWG receives and records the check in the system;   8) Then tap red "Continue" button to review your Order on the next page;   9) If everything looks good, tap the "Buy Now" yellow button on screen..

Yes, to pay fees anytime of the year, by selecting "Pay Fees"  from the "Membership & Fees" drop down menu at the top of the TWG website home page..

All instructor's fees are paid directly to the instructor on the first day of the Seminar.   All instructors will take cash, check and many will take credit cards..

You can pay your TWG fees on the TWG Website with any major credit card via PayPal.  *Possible Exception:  Seminar costs are paid directly to the Instructor on the first day of the Seminar...

There are 5 easy steps required:1)  After and only after you have paid your TWG Membership Dues and your Event Registration Fee, proceed to pull-down tab, "Carving Seminars"  pull-down screen at top left side of the opening Website page; 2)  Select "Seminars" on pull down menu; 3)  Go to the Seminar you want to register in and tap red "View" button on right-hand side; 4)  Next, if you are sure you are ready to register for this Seminar, check the Register box & the tap the red "Register" button; 5)  On this screen, it gives you a chance to remove this checked box.  If you are ready to continue registering, hit red "Register" button, OR you may choose to tap the "Add More Seminars" button; Note:  You will receive a system email confirming your registered Seminars.  If you do nor receive your confirmation, please check your SPAM or Junk file, as it is possible that is where it is hiding! .

Send an email to the following: Donnie Stephenson, Vice-President - TWG at:            OR Joe Gallio, Seminar Director - TWG at ...

TWG Bulletin Board

October 22,2023:
I regret to infom you that Bill Clarke passed away at 10am this morning.  Bill was a special person and a friend to many of us at the Texas Woodcarvers Guild (TWG).  He is a Life Time Member of the Guild and has served as a past President, past Instructor and a past recipient of the  C-Max Award.  We will all miss Bill's presence at future TWG Events!  See details below in Link:

Bill Clarke Obituary 

10/23/23 -
Just FYI, we have heard from some of our members that they have had a hard time finding Lodging places, due to the fact that there is a motorcycle Rally going on the same time as our Spring Round-Up.  So please get your reservations soon!

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09/19/23 - NOTE:  

10/12/22 - NOTE: If you would like to join TWG, but do not want to use an electronic device to join, please email Donnie Stephenson, VP-TWG at & she will send you a form to fill out and mail back to her.

Seminars that are FULL:
John Engler - C13e - Medium Relief PAINTING -
FULL; 10/23/23;
Ronnie Reed - C20a-c - Cowboy Bust - FULL; 10/23/23;