In Memoriam

This memorial area helps us remember our members who have passed away. If you want to recognize a TWG member who has passed please provide an obituary document and we will include it here. We prefer Microsoft Word formated documents for inclusion in this memorial area. Submit your candidate documents to the TWG Membership Director. The Membership Director's email address can be found in the Leaders list In the About drop down menu. The membership director will contact you if we have questions concerning your submitted documents. Click on the members name to view the obituary.

- Betty Adair

Claudie Adkins

- Leonard Adkins

- Gary Batte

Bill B. Bayless

Tom Bingham

- Phillip Lee Boleng

Charles Bowers

Benny Bridges

Benny Brown

Buddy Cabe

- Pat Cartney

Lynn Currin

- Rex Darline

- Richard DiLorenzo

- Dave Dunham

Bill Edwards

- Karl Fiedler

Clinton Forbes

Willard Frye

Gloria Garrett 

Don Gifford

Dee Gipson

Bobby Gonzalez

Walt Guy

Don Hartt

Joe Sam Hays

Clarence Heidemann

- Sidney G. Hill

- Jerry Johnson

Arthur Jolly

Gary Manley

Wanda Marsh

-James McGuire

-Dianah Miller

Ed Moore

Johnny Parsons

- Bill Phillips

Bobby Pickens

Max Porter

Steve Prescott

Bruce Roark

Jim Roby

Steve Schooler

- Clarence Schultz

- Steven Schumacher

Russell E. Schwausch

Beverly Ann Smith

Lem Smith

Milton Smith

Larry Stanfield

- Larry Stegall

Bunky Stephens

- Johnny Stevens

- Donald Stutsman

- Cal Stewart

Joyce Lorraine Tabor

Jerry Taylor

Michael Warren Vaughn

Les Visor

James Vorderkunz

Dean Walden

Doug Wilson

Charles Winstead

William (Bill) C. White

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10/12/22 - NOTE: 
If you would like to join TWG, but do not want to use an electronic device to join, please email Donnie Stephenson, VP-TWG at & she will send you a form to fill out and mail back to her.