Jerry McNulty

Jerry McNulty

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Supplies Furnished

  • Instructor will provide the roughouts at a costs of $20 each. This cost is NOT included in the Seminar price below. Even though faces will not be painted this year, Jerry will suggest the type of painting etc. he uses & recommends, so you will know how

Supplies Needed

  • Basic Carving Tools and a carving glove. A soft V-tool 1/4 inch will be most useful. Power carving & wood burners are NOT used in this Seminar.

Caricature Faces

Jerry is back this year teaching his ever so popular "Caricature Faces" Seminar. He has added two new faces since last year. Jerry started his carving life, carving architectural details in cement and plaster. Since discovering woodcarving at Scout camp with his son, Jerry has become passionate about the art of woodcarving. Jerry enjoys sharing his carving skills using multiple learning techniques to help the student understand the project from different angles. Carvers will choose and carve a caricature face from a roughout. This class will focus on facial features and expression. This Seminar will enable students to carve better eyes, noses, & mouths. This will be five 1-day projects Monday through Friday. Students may pick any face on any day!! We will be using basswood roughouts, provided by Instructor at a price of $20 each. ALL CARVING LEVELS ARE WELCOME IN THIS CLASS. DO ONE, TWO OR ALL IF YOU CAN!

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Seminar Skill Day(s) Cost Register
Caricature Faces B,I,A A $40
Caricature Faces B,I,A B $40
Caricature Faces B,I,A C $40
Caricature Faces B,I,A D $40
Caricature Faces B,I,A E $40

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