Gary Nebeker

Gary Nebeker

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Supplies Furnished

  • Instructor will have a spare wood burner if you do not have one. Instructor will provide you with materials/blanks at a price ranging from $30 to $75, depending on which Carving Project Kit you pick. This additional cost is NOT included in Seminar price

Supplies Needed

  • A wood burner will be used on some projects. Bring whatever carving tools you have, plus a carving glove. Gary has some tools he can share, particularly to beginners. A tool list will be included in your Carving Project Kit.

Walking Sticks & Canes

Welcome Gary Nebeker to Kerrville, TX from West Jordan, UT. In this Seminar, Gary will teach students to carve a unique green wood aspen walking stick or cane. Student can pick between carving the gripe or carving a unique topper. You can check out the Carving Project Kits at . Projects wil be finished with a stain & hard wax, provided by Gary. Gary will be teaching five 1-day Seminars. You can take one day or take as many as you like. Gary recommends you call him ahead of time to discuss what you want to carve and then he can tell you approximately how many days of class you should sign up for. All skill levels are welcome. Questions can be sent to , or call Gary at 801-613-1488 to reserve your Carving Project Kit. There are no minimum students required for these Seminars. No power carving used in these Seminars.

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Register for this Seminar

Seminar Skill Day(s) Cost Register
Walking Sticks & Canes B,I,A A 45
Walking Sticks & Canes B,I,A B 45
Walking Sticks & Canes B,I,A C 45
Walking Sticks & Canes B,I,A D 45
Walking Sticks & Canes B,I,A E 45

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