George Vaughn

George Vaughn

Skill Level

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Supplies Furnished

  • Instructor will provide student with the blank after students calls and discusses what project is requested. Note: cost of the blank is NOT included with the price for the Seminar. However all supplies & materials come with the blank provided by George.

Supplies Needed

  • Bring tools you have along with a carving glove (for manual carving). If you plan to power carve, a dust collector is required. A wood burner is usually required. If you do not have one, talk to George; he may have one he can loan you.

Design & Carve w/ George

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A 6-DAY SEMINAR BEGINNING ON SUNDAY & ENDING ON FRIDAY! George will be offering a 6-day design & carve class. Do you have an idea for a carving & need a cutout or don’t know where to start? George will assist you in designing your project. George will furnish you with a blank. Do do you need help on a project you started and now want to finish it? This is the class for you! When you sign up for the Seminar, you will need to contact George ASAP, so that you & George have plenty of time to design your project. This class is limited to eight students, so you will receive lots of help along the way. Or if you like, you can choose a project from various blanks that Geoge has available, e. g. fish, bears, Santas, flowers & more. Note: New for 2024 will be a rattlesnake cane or walking stick out of aspen wood. If you intend to power carve or power sand, a dust collector is mandatory. This will be discussed during the design stage. Also bring along a wood burner. Class fee is $200 for six days of class. Blanks cost will depend on the blank you choose for you project & will include all needed supplies materials. George can be reached at (432)553-5996 or .

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Register for this Seminar

Seminar Skill Day(s) Cost Register
Design & Carve w/ George I,A A, B, C, D, E, G $200

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All seminar payments are made to the instructor at the event.